FAQ about the OASC initiative


  • What is Open & Agile Smart Cities?

Open & Agile Smart Cities (OASC) is a global initiative connecting cities, advocating de facto standards, and sharing best practices. Our vision is to create a smart city market based on the needs of cities and communities. This means avoiding vendor (and city) lock-in while boosting competitiveness through interoperability of systems and platforms.

  • What are the standards?

The standards are simple, but powerful open mechanisms:

  1. Driven-by-implementation
  2. an API (application programming interface)
  3. a set of data models
  4. an open data platform

More information can be found in the background document.

  • Why are common standards important?

Common standards facilitate the interoperability between city initiatives and companies. The mechanisms advocated by OASC are simple and transparent. This makes them ready to use regardless of the size or maturity of a city. These mechanisms not only allow for comparability but they also increase the ease of innovation exchange. Developers can easily offer their applications in different cities and different countries. This provides market growth opportunities for start-ups and SME’s while facilitating the outsourcing of app development for cities.

  • What is the OASC Task Force?

The OASC Task Force consists of one representative for each OASC country. They are elected by the participating cities. The representative’s task is to coordinate and integrate new as well as participating cities. The Task Force is complemented by three representatives appointed by the Connected Smart Cities Network Board.

  • How is OASC different from other smart city initiatives

OASC is built from the ground up. We advocate for and connect cities. We do not dictate rules for cities. Our membership is open to all cities regardless of size and open data maturity level. OASC is working towards a smart city market in which best practices can be co-created locally and shared globally.

  • How can my city become part of the OASC initiative?

OASC is constantly growing. Your city can join in one of the many membership waves still to come. Joining is possible by connecting with the OASC Taskforce representative of your country or by expressing interest with an email to info@oascities.org. This will be followed by a signed Letter of Intent to complete the procedure.

  • Why do we need to sign the Letter of Intent?

The Letter of Intent is the first step for membership in the OASC Initiative. Signing indicates your commitment to begin implementation of open data processes in your city.

  • Is there a membership fee?

No. Membership is free.


Questions? Please send an email to info@oascities.org