Benefits for cities

As a member of the Open & Agile Smart Cities network, your city will

  • Become part of one of the world’s largest smart city innovation ecosystems
  • Have a strong ambassador for your city needs in the global digital market
  • Accelerate the launch of local technologies to a global scale
  • Drive digital transformation with open systems and procurement
  • Be part today of tomorrow’s global smart city standards


How to join as a city

I’m representing a city. How can we join the Open & Agile Smart Cities initiative?

Any city in the world can join by signing the Letter of Intent. But before you do so, you must team up with at least one other city from your country and join at the same time. You must also prove that you have the capacity to implement the mechanisms, as described in the Background Document. Send an email to to let us know if you’re considering joining the initiative, or if you have further questions.


When can we join?

Cities can join throughout the year after the Board of Directors has approved the submitted Letter of Intent.


Who should sign?

The actual signatory differs from city to city: sometimes it is the mayor, the CEO, CIO or CTO, the local head of smart city initiatives, or someone from an innovation unit.


What do we sign up for?

By signing, you declare your explicit intent to implement the mechanisms explained in the Background document within one year.


Is there a fee?

No. Membership for cities is free of charge.


Where can we meet other cities in the initiative?

OASC organises the annual Connected Smart Cities Conference, a full-day event to exchange knowledge and meet other city representatives of the network. In addition, meetings regularly take place before, during or after national and international events.


Why can’t we join alone, just one city from our country/region?

OASC requires at least two cities per country/region in order to encourage city cooperation on a national level. This strengthens collaboration and development across political, economic and cultural spheres.


Can more cities from a country/region join later?