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Digitally-enabled Behaviour Change for Sustainable Mobility, 7 December 2023

When it comes to promoting sustainable mobility, local decision-makers (e.g. city representatives, transport planners and providers) have the choice between two options: “Hard measures”, like introducing new policies, infrastructure and bans, on their own are not always effective and cannot be implemented in every situation. Therefore, “soft measures”, behavioural interventions or “nudges” that operate without […]

Using Data to Support Sustainable Mobility Behaviour, 11 January 2024

In other fields, such as health, it is quite common to not only design digital behavioural interventions and nudges (e.g. motivational strategies), but to also combine them with information about the relevant context of a person to increase effectiveness. The basic idea behind this is that a person’s decisions and behaviour are also very dependent […]

Learnings and Recommendations for Sustainable Mobility from the Dynamic Mobility Nudge Project, 1 February 2024

In the final webinar, we take a step back and reflect on learnings and important messages from our project. These include insights into our proof of concept, which consisted of a field trial with situation-aware mobility nudges in Salzburg as well as a transnational hackathon in Uppsala, and what challenges and opportunities we faced: What […]