How We Work

The Governance of Open & Agile Smart Cities

A two-chamber system governs the Open & Agile Smart Cities network. The Board of Directors decides on the strategic direction of the organisation and advises the OASC management team. The Council of Cities represents member cities and approves strategic decisions as well as the OASC Minimal Interoperability Mechanisms (MIMs).

Together, the two governing bodies form the General Assembly.

On an operational level, the OASC management executes the decisions of the Board of Directors. It also works closely with the Council of Cities to support our members with the best services possible. The OASC management is also the bridge to the Technology Council.

The Technology Council, together with its working groups, is the external advisory group of experts representing cities, research, and industry to advance the technical development of the MIMs. The Working Groups of the Technology Council are:

  • MIM1: Context Information Management
  • MIM2: Shared Data Models
  • MIM3: Transaction Ecosystem Management
  • MIM4: Personal Data Management
  • MIM5: Fair Artificial Intelligence

Overview: OASC Governance Structure