The OASC office


Dr. Davor Meersman, General Manager

Davor has been with OASC since 2017. He is also Co-Chair of the BDVA Task Force on Smart Cities (SG8) and heads his company Meersman & Partners, which specialises in RDI funding acquisition. As senior researcher at Flemish research institute imec, Davor was one of the founders of the City of Things infrastructure, a strategic partnership between imec, the City of Antwerp, and Mobile Vikings that serves as a service innovation and experimentation support infrastructure for start-ups, SMEs, and cities.



Lea Hemetsberger, Communications & Project Manager

Lea joined OASC in 2017, but has worked for the organisation already in 2016 while writing her Master’s thesis on open data-based business models of mobile mobility apps. With a background in journalism, she has previously worked as a communicator for car maker AUDI, NGO Transport & Environment, and the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung’s EU office.