Open & Agile Smart Cities (OASC) is a global initiative based in Brussels, Belgium, with more than 100 cities from 23 countries in Europe, Latin America and Asia-Pacific. OASC was announced at the Connected Smart Cities Conference in January 2015 and first launched in March 2015 at CeBIT.

We need to create a smart city market

This idea triggered the founding of OASC. Martin Brynskov, Jarmo Eskelinen, Pieter Ballon and Juanjo Hierro identified the need for an initiative that connects smart cities internally with themselves and externally with other cities to create a global city market based on the needs of cities. Such a market must accommodate cities of different sizes in diverse circumstances in order to be a catalyst for the digital transition of cities and societies. The premise is that local invention can create global impact.

European idea spread globally

With the launch of the first wave at CeBIT  31 cities from 7 countries committed to the OASC mechanisms. With the 5th wave of membership in November of 2016, OASC has grown to over 100 cities from 23 countries.

Born in Europe, grown globally

For instance, the early interest from Brazil came as a surprise because the idea originally was focused on European cities. However, the need for open data standards and creation of a smart city market is global and, as such, OASC continues to grow.

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