Minimal Interoperability Mechanisms – MIMs

The mission of Open & Agile Smart Cities (OASC) is to unite cities and communities around the world to build a global market for solutions, services, and data based on the needs of cities and communities.

To achieve this mission, OASC champions the Minimal Interoperability Mechanisms (MIMs), a set of practical capabilities based on open technical specifications that allow cities and communities to replicate and scale solutions globally. The MIMs are developed by the OASC Technology Council and governed by the Council of Cities and the Board of Directors.

MIMs provide the technical foundation for procurement and deployment of urban data platforms and end-to-end solutions in cities & communities worldwide.

Scaling Digital Solutions with MIMs 

MIMs at a glance

Currently, the following MIMs have been formally adopted by all OASC members:

OASC MIM1Context – Context Information Management

OASC MIM2Data Modules – Shared Data Models

OASC MIM3Contracts – Ecosystem Transaction Management

OASC MIM4Trust – Personal Data Management

OASC MIM5Transparency – Fair Artificial Intelligence

OASC MIM7Places – Geospatial Information Management

The following additional MIMs have been proposed and accepted as work items:

OASC MIM6Security – Security Management

OASC MIM8Indicators – Ecosystem Indicator Management

OASC MIM9Analytics – Data Analytics Management

OASC MIM10Resources – Resource Impact Assessment