Davor Meersman


Davor is CEO of Open & Agile Smart Cities since 2017. He manages operations and oversees partnerships and project development.

Lea Hemetsberger

Network & Projects Director

Lea is working with OASC since 2016 and manages the community, communications and all project activities.

Gert De Tant

Chief Technical Architect

Gert leads the technical work of OASC and coordinates the Technology Council, an advisory body of external experts.

Wim Seynaeve


Wim manages OASC’s financial operations.

John Lynch

Service Director

John is based in Dublin and supports OASC in delivering great services to members and partners.

Evelien Verschroeven

Academy Manager

Evelien is coordinating the OASC Academy and delivers great e-learning courses to cities & communities.

Geni Raitisoja

Strategic Engagements Manager


Hassan Mohanna

Head of Partnerships

Cornelia Dinca

Technical Programme Manager

Steve Tunzi

Solutions Support Manager


Jane McLaughlin

Funding Programme Manager

Ricardo Pinho

Senior Technical Advisor, Geospatial 

Michael Mulquin

Senior Technical Advisor, Standards & Interoperability

Federico Bernardinelli

Project Manager

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