Minimal Interoperability Mechanisms Ambassador

Michael Mulquin

MIMs Ambassador
Contact at: michael(at)

Tech Crew

Jaime Ventura

Head of Urban Platform
Contact at: jaime(at)

Rick Schager

ICT Architect
Contact at: rickschager(at)

Thimo Thoeye

Computer Scientist
Contact at: thimo(at)

Vincent Demortier

Creative Technologist and IT architect
Contact at: vincent(at)

Ricardo Pinho

Senior Technical Advisor
Contact at: ricardo(at)

Gert Hilgers

Local Digital Twin (LDT) Strategist
Contact at: gert.hilgers(at)

Project Managers

Margarida Campolargo

Project Director
Contact at: margarida(at)

Sophie Meszaros

Project Manager
Contact at: sophie(at)

Judith Stiekema

Project Manager
Contact at: judith(at)

Josephine Di Pino

Project Director
Contact at: josephine(at)

Communications and administration

Virginie Verstraete

Communications, partnerships and networking
Contact at: virginie(at)

Seppo Haataja

Senior Advisor, Operations
Contact at: seppo(at)

Saara Valtasaari

Communications and Administration
Contact at: saara(at)