Find below news stories about the Open & Agile Smart Cities network and its member cities


Gdańsk: Pioneering a model for an ‘open city’

Smart Cities: The Agenda in full
Published by CGTN on 17 March 2020

Smart Cities: The Agenda in full


Iasi City Hall joins the Romanian Smart City Association

“European Way” initiative aims to scale digital transformation in cities
Published by Smart Cities World on 13 December

G20 Alliance launches to advance ethical smart cities and address standards fragmentation
Published by Smart Cities World on 16 October

WEF to Lead G20 Smart Cities Alliance on Technology Governance

In Tampere, residents develop their own residential areas and open APIs facilitate the planning of street lighting


Context Broker’s smart services are making the city of Eindhoven a safer place
Published by on 7 June

Open standard, open source e royal free. Come funziona Fiware
Published by on 29 May

Cities want 5G to work – but terms and conditions apply
Published by on 20 May

London signs up to international smart city coalition
Published by on 17 May

Operators Faced with Lofty 5G Demands from Verticals
Published by on 14 May

Wolfsburg Teil des digitalen Städtenetzwerks OASC
Published by WAZ on 12 April

Мартин Брынсков: «Вопрос создания «умных городов» упирается в политическую волю, объемы инвестиций и расстановку приоритетов»
Published by on 11 April

Wolfsburg Teil des digitalen Städtenetzwerks OASC
Published by Wolfsburger Nachrichten on 11 April

Municipiul Iași a devenit membru al rețelei Open and Agile Cities
Published by on 26 March

Municipiul Botoșani va deveni membru al OASC
Published by Monitorul de Botoșani on 25 March 

Municipiul Suceava a aderat la organizația „Orașe Inteligente, Deschise și Active” 
Published by Suceava News on 26 March

Municipiul Botoșani devine membru al Open and Agile Smart Cities. Flutur: “Sunt onorat că vom intra în această rețea digitală de orașe și comunități
Published by on 25 March

Municipiul lasi a devenit membru al retelei Open and Agile Smart Cities
Published by on 26 March

Municipiul Iași a devenit membru al rețelei Open and Agile Smart Cities
Published by Ziarul de iași on 26 March 2019

Towards a Digital Single Market for Smarter Cities
Published by IEEE Internet of Things on 13 March 2019

uCIFI Alliance to unveil universal data model for smart city interoperability
Published by Smart Cities World on 22 February 2019

Smart cities coalition adopts universal tools
Published by Smart Cities World on 20 February 2019

SynchroniCity programme tests interoperable smart city solutions in 18 cities
Published by Telecom Paper on 19 February 2019

Can cities be a guardian of digital rights?
Published by Cities Today on 15 February 2019

Manchester and Edinburgh step up smart city initiatives
Published by UK Authority on 15 February 2019

Veřejná správa 2/2019: otevřená správa identit, odkrývání zranitelností, zákon o IT ve státní správě
Published by on 3 February 2019

Smart Cities: Joining the Data Boom
Published by VOXeurop on 16 January 2019


Brindarán un workshop sobre “Internet de las cosas”
Published by on 1 November 2018

Blockchain, Edge Computing y otras tecnologías aplicadas a soluciones Smart protagonizan la 5ª FIWARE Summit
Published by EuropaPress on 31 October 2018

서울디지털재단, 디지털 혁신 생태계 이끈다 (Eng: Seoul Digital Foundation leads digital innovation ecosystem)
Published by Fintech Times on 23 October 2018

Kommunale smart city-projekter stikker i alle retninger: Fra normalisering af sensordata til nye datamodeller
Published by VERSION2 on 8 October 2018


Smart City organisations adopt Open API’s
Published by Smart Cities World on 17 November 2017

Por la ciudad del futuro
Published by Mensajero on 9 October 2017

Девелоперы и умные города: технологии нужны там, где высокий уровень жизни
Published by Forbes Russia on 25 August 2017

Piattaforme urbane: città aperte, agili e smart
Published by on 26 May 2017


Early exeriments show a Smart City plan should start with people first
Published by The Conversation on 1 June 2016

FIWARE and NGSIv2: towards harmonized API’s and Data-Models for real-time context data
Published by FIWARE Blog on 17 March 2016

The City of Sevilla launched its Open Data portal (in Spanish)
Published by on  8 February 2016

Focussing on the Open & Agile Smart Cities initiative
Published by Secmotic Blog on 5 February 2016

The Rule of Three at the Connected Smart Cities Conference
Published by FIWARE Blog on 27 January 2016

Three steps towards a hierarchy of needs for Smart Cities
Published by on 19 January 2016

Addressing the Fragmentation of the Smart Cities market
Published by New Europe on the January 2016

Helsinki: The transparent city (in German)
Published by BrandEins in January 2016

Creating the Metacity
Published by the European Commission on 30 November 2015

Porto: taking lead as a Smart City in Portugal
Published by FIWARE Blog on the November 2015

QUT brings Open and Agile Smart Cities to Australia
Published by Queensland University of Technology on 7 October 2015

Gold Coast joins global Smart Cities initiative to advance technology-innovation hub credentials
Published by ABC News Australia on 2 October 2015

Open Standards for Civic Tech APIs Edge Closer to Reality
Published by Progammable Web on 20 March 2015

World Bank Open Learning Campus, WBx Talks
Webinar hosted and published by the Worldbank with particpation of OASC founding members Pieter Ballon, iMinds, and Juanjo Hierro, Fiware.

Santander gets Smart
Video published by Euronews on 22 January 2013