A Universal Guide to Make Your City Fit for the Digital Transformation

OASC Secretariat

Mar 4, 2020



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Cities and communities around the world are looking for ways to harness innovative services and to make the digital transformation impactful for the public administration and the citizens.  The guide to SynchroniCity is now offering support to set the foundations for a sustainable digital transformation – validated by 21 cities across Europe in a 3-year project and adopted by the more than 150 member cities of the Open & Agile Smart Cities (OASC) network.

Download the guide here.

Driven by implementation, the guide firstly introduces the concept of OASC Minimal Interoperability Mechanisms (MIMs) to enable interoperability; it then reflects on the SynchroniCity project that has received funding from the European Commission to validate this concept, and provides guidance on how everyone – from cities to technology providers – can adopt MIMs and take the movement forward.

Interoperability and ethical use of data play key roles for a sustainable and scalable digital transformation of cities and communities. By providing the most crucial information about interoperability, the guide enables public administrations to start the exploration and begin to set the terms and conditions for IoT- and AI-enabled digital services.

Martin Brynskov, chair of OASC and coordinator of the SynchroniCity project said: “To realise what digital transformation of cities & communities promises – saving resources, providing better services for citizens, enabling transparency – , we must all act together and set the foundations now. We all have a responsibility to ensure our cities and communities are the most sustainable, prosperous and as inclusive they can be, so please use this guide to get started with the MIMs, and join an exciting and pioneering movement.”

MIMs – Enabling Agile and Innovative Cities

MIMs are simple, transparent mechanisms that form the foundation for sustainable, scalable and efficient digital service deployment. Learn more and watch the video:

Join the movement – Join Open & Agile Smart Cities

Already more than 150 cities across four continents have adopted the MIMs and are contributing to their development. They are part of Open & Agile Smart Cities (OASC), a one of a kind global network of cities and communities with the ambition to improve the quality of life of their citizens through innovation and technology.

The mission of OASC is to unite cities around the world to agree on common, open standards that enable a global market for urban, data-driven services based on the needs of cities and communities.

As a non-profit organisation, OASC facilitates the exchange between cities and communities on technical interoperability and fosters capacity building and exchange of best practices between member cities worldwide.

For more information contact info@oascities.org