Board of Directors

The OASC Governing Body steers the strategic development of Open & Agile Smart Cities & Communities. It is formed by representatives of our core partners and our member cities. The city representatives are elected every two years by the Council of Cities.

Karl-Filip Coenegrachts

Chair of the Board of Directors and Executive Director
Contact at: karl-filip(at)

Martin Brynskov

Tech Lead
Contact at: martin.brynskov(at)

Jari Ahola

Contact at: jari.ahola(at)

Paul Wilson

Contact at: paul.wilson(at)

Steffen Braun

Contact at: steffen.braun(at)

Roland van der Heijden

Observer, OASC Council of Cities
Contact at: rjmm.vanderheijden(at)

Albert Engels

Observer, OASC Council of Cities
Contact at: afrm.engels(at)