CeBIT 2015: Announcement of Open & Agile Smart Cities initiative

OASC Secretariat

Mar 15, 2015


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Today the visitors of CeBIT 2015 were introduced to the Open & Agile Smart Cities initiative.

Martin Brynskov, chair of the Connected Smart Cities Network Board which oversees the Open & Agile Smart Cities Task Force, presented examples of already existing smart city solutions, the potentials of new ones and discussed the difficulty in creating applications across city limits.

Following up on this, Jarmo Eskelinen, vice chair of the board and task force member, expanded on the rationale behind the initiative and gave more details about the the technical and organizational mechanisms which are needed in order to create a coherent IT infrastructure that allows cities to create smart applications across borders.

After the presentation was finished the two presenters answered questions from the crowd. And when it all was done: networking at the massive CeBIT event.