Changes in the board of Open and Agile Smart Cities – Karl-Filip Coenegrachts appointed as the new Chair

Saara Valtasaari

Aug 15, 2022



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Karl-Filip Coenegrachts was appointed as the new Chair of the board of Open and Agile Smart Cities in the General Assembly, as Martin Brynskov, one of OASC’s co-founders, stepped down from the position. Martin will still continue on the board as a member. The treasurer Seppo Haataja also stepped down from his position, as he has retired from his work as the Director of Smart City Development at Business Tampere, one of the founding member organizations of OASC. Seppo is replaced by Jari Ahola, who is a Senior Business Advisor of EU Funding at Business Tampere.

The whole OASC team and network want to thank Martin for all the great, valuable and tireless work he has done as the Chair in developing the organization and creating discussion about the smart city development in Europe and worldwide. OASC is also grateful that he will still continue to share his knowledge and passion for the MIMs as a member of the board. OASC also wants to thank Seppo for all of his hard work and dedication as a long-serving board member and also as a former director (2015-2017) of OASC. The whole organization wishes him a well-earned retirement.