Chloe’s Internship Experience in Communications at OASC

Chloë Vanden Elsacker

Apr 7, 2022


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My name is Chloe Vanden Elsacker. First, I studied Business Management with a specialisation in Marketing. During my bachelor’s degree, I also did an Erasmus Exchange in Sweden, where I did an internship in Gävle and studied Project Management at the University of Gävle. After, I went on to do a master’s in Communication Sciences at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, majoring in Media, Internet, and Globalisation. I did an internship at OASC as part of my master’s degree.

My internship began off on a positive note. I was instructed to research and write a report on OASC from a communication standpoint. What I liked about them was that they were receptive to recommendations for development. It was critical that I reported accurately. The notion that an outsider might come in with a fresh angle on the organization was important to OASC.

I also created a visual presentation for the website adjustments that would need to be performed. I enjoyed this assignment since it required me to think of new ways to make my report comprehensible while also allowing me to be creative.

Next, I put my writing talents to work by examining how specific texts on the website might be rewritten to make them more readable. I also contributed to the formation of a communication plan by considering and executing the best ways to communicate via social media. For example, I used social media to promote publications related to the CxC Festival as well as the announcement of numerous events and some press releases. I also shared posts that mentioned OASC.

I was also in charge of keeping the website up to date with future events as well as new blog posts like press releases and articles. I additionally got the opportunity to write articles on the following topics: Tech4Good Marketplace & CxC Catalogue, Tampere Hervanta Testbed with a smart transportation solution, Japanese smart city initiatives, the French smart city strategy, Smart City Vantaa and the evolution of the MIMS.

During my internship, I focused on the communication strategy even further. I included a CxC brand strategy and a newsletter analysis, as well as comments and ideas for future newsletters. I also investigated the social media engagement by looking at the profiles of individuals that interact with OASC on social media and creating a list of prospective groups that OASC may join. In addition, I developed a marketing plan to promote OASC in connection with the 6AIka project.

I enhanced my website analysis by constructing personas that were specifically connected to the website experience. Each persona included a brief description, as well as their interests and skills, their needs, difficulties, and opportunities. I next went over each persona’s customer journey, which included the stages of awareness, consideration, purchase, and onboarding. For each step, I paid close attention to user actions, touchpoints, pain points, emotions, and possible solutions. I improved my marketing abilities and learned to analyse communication from the standpoint of customers through this assignment.

Finally, I’ve been able to attend a few meetings such as several Living-in.EU marketing meetings. I learned how to provide constructive comments throughout these discussions. I also learnt how to assist a workshop. In addition, I was able to take part in the DUET Test Clinic. I’ve also generated a summary of the Tech subgroup of Living-in.EU. As a result, I’ve learned to pay attention to what’s actually essential and to report on the meeting’s main points in a clear and concise manner.

I would also like to point out that OASC’s management approach is generally pretty hands-off, allowing me to work freely and autonomously. They were, however, always available whenever I had questions or issues. Which I surely did, and from which I was able to gain a lot of knowledge. Moreover, I always received great constructive feedback, which allowed me to better my job. My internship with OASC was a great experience for me. Joining the team was a fantastic opportunity. As a professional, I saw that throughout my internship, I made significant improvements. I owe a special thanks to Saara Valtasaari, with whom I collaborated closely, and, of course, Geni Raitisoja. They were fantastic mentors!

Warm greetings,

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