CommuniCity launched its Second Round of Open Calls, deadline 31 October!

Saara Valtasaari

Oct 13, 2023


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Several stakeholders are called into action to co-create innovative, digitally inclusive, sustainable solutions to tackle social, technological, economic, and urban challenges. These efforts are geared towards meeting the specific needs of marginalised communities residing in European cities. The Second Open Call mimics and expands the First Open Call.
This time, the initiative has expanded to 4 cities, which will build upon previous valuable knowledge to address additional challenges of Aarhus, Breda, Prague, and Tallinn. These so-called Replicator Cities are joining the project to meet the needs of vulnerable communities. For that purpose, all participating cities have defined several social challenges spanning various topics from the “online abuse against children and women” to “social housing energy efficiency”. In this round, approximately 30 pilots will each receive €12,500. Furthermore, if cross-border pilots are involved, the teams can apply for additional funding of €5000 and €10,000.
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