ETSI group selects OASC-member for vice-chairperson

Lea Hemetsberger

Feb 17, 2017


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Last week, ETSI — the European Telecommunications Standards Institute — announced that the new ETSI Industry Specification Group on Context Information Management (ISG CIM) had had its successful first general meeting. The group consists of 12 companies and organizations.  Dr. Lindsay Frost of NEC Laboratories Europe was elected as chairman and Dr. Cathy Mulligan was elected vice-chairperson. Dr. Mulligan is the country representative for OASC England and has also been an integral part of OASC’s Working Group on Standardisation.
The ISG CIM has been established to form definitions of common specifications for Context Information Management that will enable interoperability between applications or processes across various domains, using OASC as an initial catalyst. The initial scope includes smart cities, smart agriculture/food and smart industry.
Read more about the kick off meeting, and how to join, here.