European Local Digital Twin Toolbox project

The EU’s Local Digital Toolbox project (September 2023 – September 2025) aims to advance the digital maturity of EU cities, particularly focusing on those less prepared for digital transformation. It supports the creation of a European Local Digital Twin (LDT) toolbox to foster the adoption of digital twins across rural and urban areas, ensuring technology is accessible for all.

Central to this initiative is the Smart Communities Network, facilitated by Open & Agile Smart Cities & Communities (OASC). The Smart Communities Network comprises municipal associations of all 27 EU Member States and aims to improve digital strategies and connectivity for cities at the start of their digital journey.

To enable the seamless sharing of data, the so-called interoperability of digital infrastructure, within cities and communities, the Minimum Interoperability Mechanisms for the EU (MIMs Plus) are undergoing compliance and conformance testing and will be well documented. This work equips municipalities with the technical foundation to collaborate in the digital field with local as well as regional stakeholders and peers well beyond the scope of the Local Digital Toolbox.

Activities of this project include offering detailed digitalisation roadmaps, online advisory services for technological readiness, facilitating hybrid and online training sessions to enhance digital knowledge. 

The project is a collaborative effort involving private companies, educational institutions, and network organisations aiming to engage the local level in the digital transition of the EU. For more information or to get involved in the Smart Communities Network, click here.