AIOTI Signature Event 2023

AIOTI Signature Event 2023, 10 October 2023

Computing Continuum allows the exploitation of hybrid IoT-Edge-Cloud infrastructures with great flexibility while guaranteeing high-performance. Using Edge Intelligence (EI) enables executing computation tasks as close as possible to the data/event sources, to enable complex yet time-sensitive applications of artificial intelligence (AI) over resource-constrained IoT devices. Such a transition of AI algorithms and models from the Cloud to the peripheral ecosystem and vice versa makes the EI beneficial for the whole spectrum of domains which are today limited by the conventional “sense-and-forward” approach typical of Cloud-based architectures.

We will explore how IoT and Edge Computing business driven scenarios and use cases can support these objectives and challenges, in particular how to deal with current energy crisis, CO2 reduction, support circular economy and digital product passport, impact on manufacturing and data spaces and measuring climate impact, examine real-world use cases and international deployment of IoT, Edge and Web 3.0 as complimentary solutions, provide insights into where the Cloud-Edge Continuum ecosystem is going to struggle in the near future related to digital skills from policy, research/academia and industry perspective. Examples will be presented of how I+D is challenged with Advanced Digital Skills shortage, together with what are our current options to act today and secure a competitive European Cloud-Edge industry tomorrow and discuss what is next frontier in the computing continuum and how AIOTI can best contribute to overcome identified challenges, having in mind key European policies and experience from other regions.

We will also present AIOTI initiated and led Web3 Accelerator demonstrate practical WEB3 implementations while enabling public and private user engagement and regulatory sandboxes and give for the first time AIOTI Award as recognition for exceptional achievements of our community.

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