AIOTI Web3 Hackathon

AIOTI Web3 Hackathon, 21-22 September 2023

About this event

In the run-up to the AIOTI Signature Event on 10 October, AIOTI is organising its first hybrid (in-person and online) Web3 hackathon on 21/22 September in Brussels, at VUB, U-Residence, Blvd Géneral Jacques 271, 1050 Ixelles, with the following objectives:

  • Educate potential stakeholders from key target markets (Industry, Media, Public Authorities, and Education) on the benefits of Web3 technology through peer learning and moderated interactions between AIOTI members and other participants.
  • Enhance networking between participants
  • Create opportunity for participants to build collaborative offerings that are adapted to the needs of key target markets (Industry, Media, Public Authorities, and Education)
  • Catalyse creation of a catalogue of Web3 tools and services.

The Web3 hackathon consists of opportunities and challenges for participants to ‘hack’ around by using business and technical Web3 components. To identify these challenges and opportunities, a series of hybrid (online and on premises) pre-event workshops will be carried out ahead of the hackathon. In each workshop, industry-specific problems would be identified by current users of Web3 technology, alongside with transversal (industry-independent) challenges.

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