Welcome to the online Learning Circle on the Minimal Interoperability Standard 4 (MIM-4): Towards Interoperable Personal Data Management within Smart Cities

4 October – 22 November 2022, online, free

Provided by Vastuu Group & H3C project

The learning circle is part of the H3C: Human-centric companies and cities project, co-funded by the Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council from the sum allocated for the purpose of buttressing sustainable growth and vitality in the regions.

What is it all about

This learning circle consists of four workshops held biweekly (homework realisation could be given three weeks to conclude) from 4 October to 22 November. It’s all online and with free participation.

Each consecutive workshop drills deeper on implementing human-centric personal data use cases hands-on. The actual hands-on phase and team homework require the attendees to form teams of 3 to 4 persons, ultimately such teams should come from the same organisation and represent its core stakeholders what comes to realising new personal data-driven services. By the end of the circle the participants undergo a process of defining and implementing a working prototype of their own MyData service.

The provided sandbox based on our MyDataShare operator platform contains tools, simulated data sources and active credentials for the teams to configure their use cases within the MyData operator. Homework may include the team’s own software development around a rough MyData service prototype.

If some learning circle participants are either using a different MyData Operator already in their services, or represent another operator, the team homework can also be arranged around multi-operator interoperability. This would focus on data source interoperability across operators, and an approach is sought by using a suggested MIM4 Connector element. Access to the Connector source code and documentation is provided for the teams, and the simulated data sources for the generic MyData use cases can be used also in this cross-operator interoperability homework track.