exPEDite project: Enabling Positive Energy Districts through Digital Twins

Saara Valtasaari

Feb 6, 2024


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The ExPEDite project aims Enabling Positive Energy Districts (PEDs) through digital twins. Open & Agile Smart Cities & Communities will join forces with the Institute of Energy Systems and Environment of Riga Technical University, leadpartner of this project, and 17 other partners to develop and integrate modular components that can be used to analyze and predict a district’s energy performance under various what-if scenarios. These components form a district Digital Twin, enabling not only a visualization of the built environment, but also real time information on energy flows and spatiotemporal optimization of the district’s energy needs. This tool allows for district planning actions to be designed, analyzed and compared, leading to evidence-based decision making.

OASC is managing the dissemination of the project’s results and evaluates the level of compliance of the ExPEDite Digital Twin solution with the relevant Living-in.EU MIMs, according to Living-in.eu MIMs Plus specifications and approach, and will determine a minimum level to reach in order to guide the development of scalable and replicable components. Following the evaluation, and in the case of non-compliance, it will prescribe the necessary amendments for alignment with the MIMs.

The pilot will be done in the municipality of Riga where also the official kickoff on 15 and 16 February will take place. Follow the project on social media to stay tuned about the project’s work: https://expedite-project.eu/