How to move beyond technology pilots?

Lea Hemetsberger

Aug 2, 2016



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What is needed to move from large scale pilots and experimentation to an IoT enabled Smart City? The Digital Catapult identified several boundaries.

While the IoT enabled Smart City is gaining more and more attention and importance, many projects are still in an experimentation phase. In a recent post, Alex Gluhak, Lead Technologist for the Internet of Things at the Digital Catapult, found exactly seven challenges that hamper the scaling of IoT enabled smart cities. Read the full article here.

The challenges are:

(1) Overcoming vendor lock-in

(2) Overcoming developer city lock-in

(3) Meeting real citizen needs

(4) Sharing IoT infrastructure for new business cases

(5) Quantifiying social and economic benefits

(6) Sharing more than just open data

(7) Enouraging more agile policy making


The Digital Catapult’s objective is to support the digital economy in the UK. The Catapult works together with SMEs, corporates, and carries out applied research across various technology layers. Specifically, the Digital Catapult tackles issues concerning next generation Internet (IoT, 5G), data-driven (trust, privacy,…), and intelligent technologies (artificial intelligence).