ISO Annual Meeting 2023: MIMs in the Context of Technological Convergence

Saara Valtasaari

Sep 20, 2023


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Michael Mulquin, the Chair of the IEC Smart Cities Systems Committee, Co-Chair of the IEC-ISO-ITU Joint Smart Cities Task Group and the OASC MIMs Ambassador joined the ISO Annual Meeting 2023 as one of the leading tech experts and discussed the role of MIMs in the context of technological convergence yesterday.

About the Technological Convergence session:

In a dynamic and thought-provoking session, leading tech experts converged to explore the pivotal role of standards in navigating the complex landscape of technological convergence. Discussions delved into the ways standards empower organizations to embrace the limitless possibilities of our digital transformation. This includes smart cities, smart manufacturing, immersive tech, to name a few.

As the digital transformation unfolds, standards must adapt to keep pace with the evolving technology landscape. By keeping up with digital trends, standards ensure that businesses, governments, and society at large can harness the full potential of technology while minimizing risks and fostering innovation in a rapidly changing world. 

Standards organizations will have to consider new approaches to the way they develop standards. Only by adopting an innovative mindset can we ensure the delivery of standards for a safe and prosperous future at the confluence of technologies. These are essential to enable the smooth integration of digital solutions.

Watch the session here: ISO Annual Meeting 2023 – Technology convergence: an era of digital opportunities on Vimeo