Workshop and 4th wave launch in Mexico

Lea Hemetsberger

Feb 15, 2016


Mexico | News & Events

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ThSmart City Expo Pueblae OASC family is growing: Austria, Mexico, Poland, and Slovenia as well as cities from already participating OASC countries committed themselves to the OASC principles. They agreed on implementing the driven-by-implementation approach and three technical de facto standards, which are an API, a set of data models, and an open data platform.

Launch as part of Smart City Expo Puebla

The launch of the 4th wave will take place within a workshop at the Smart City Expo Puebla, Mexico, on February 17, 2016, from 16 to 19 pm local time. It is called ‘Co-creating Smart Cities for Life’ as the motto of this year’s Smart City Expo is “Urban Innovation Towards Equitable Cities in Latin America”. The workshop is hosted by OASC in cooperation with OrganiCity, Cities for Life and the World Bank.

This event invites policy makers and civic innovators to share experiences and develop concrete next steps for tools of civic engagement in smart city projects and strategies. With Cities for Life, OrganiCity and Open & Agile Smart Cities as a context, the workshop will facilitate a very practical approach.

5th wave in preparation

With the launch of the 4th wave, the opportunity for interested cities to join the initiative has not passed: OASC is already in preparation of the 5th wave. In order to join, Cities need to express their interest until Friday, May 6. The Letter of Intent needs to be signed until Friday, May 13, 2016.

The Open & Agile Smart Cities (OASC) initiative brings together smart cities from across the globe. Promoting interoperability and the free flow of data within and between smart cities, the collaboration helps urban communities to access all the economic and social benefits that smart cities have to offer.