OASC is recruiting project coordinators

Saara Valtasaari

Jun 30, 2022



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Project coordinators – Horizon Europe and Digital Europe Programme

OASC is recruiting project coordinators to work on several new projects in the digital field: ‘Innovative Solutions Responding to the Needs of Cities & Communities’ (Communicity), funded under Horizon Europe, ‘Data Space for Smart and Sustainable Cities and Communities’ (DS4SSCC), ‘Preparation of the development of the AI-on-demand platform’ (Pre-PAI) and ‘Governance of the Living-in.eu community’ (Go Li.eu) which are funded under the Digital Europe Programme (DEP).

The chosen candidate(s) would start mid-September 2022.


Open & Agile Smart Cities (OASC) is a global network of more than 150 cities in 31 countries that was created in March 2015. It aims to building a common market of principles, data, standards and services, so that smart cities exchange digital solutions in a sustainable way, thus working for social innovation. OASC is promoting the use of open and minimal mechanisms to achieve digital interoperability (MIMs).


CommuniCity conducts a large number of innovation pilots in many local communities, both urban, peri-urban and rural, including two EU capitals, aiming to empower hard-to-reach and marginalized communities. It creates three cycles of increasing size, building on two dynamic networks of local administrations and living labs of all sizes.

OASC is partner in this project and work package (WP) leader.

DS4SSCC is a preparatory action for the creation of a data space for smart communities as an enabler of the Green Deal goals and Sustainable Development Goals. The project aims to:

  • Develop a multi-stakeholder data governance scheme by bringing together European cities and their local stakeholders (‘quadruple helix’) to collaborate on use cases relevant to Green Deal objectives through operational local data platforms, via a “data governance core group”.
  • Create a blueprint for the European DS4SSCC
  • Bring an agreed set of priority datasets into conformity with the new blueprint by delivering a catalogue of domains, use cases and related data sets for DS4SSCC.
  • Develop a roadmap and action plan towards a mature, connected pan-EU DS4SSCC.
  • Shaping and implementing the data space on the local, regional, national and EU level, taking into account their different levels of maturity.

OASC is coordinating this project and is work package (WP) leader.

Pre-PAI will be the realization of “Preparatory actions for the AI-on-demand platform”, providing the blueprint for the further development, deployment, and operation of the European AI-on-demand platform. The project will carry out a comprehensive requirement analysis for different stakeholder groups, mainly SMEs, industrial sectors, and public administration. These requirements analyses will lead to an overall roadmap and plan to build and consolidate the AI-on-demand platform. It includes a comprehensive concept to provide trustworthy AI assets into the platform to support European leadership on trustworthy AI and to offer AI “Made in Europe”.

OASC is partner in this project.

The Living-in.EU initiative supports and accelerates the European way of digital transformation by coordinating and further enhancing strong multi-level governance cooperation in the EU to develop, (re-)use and share trustworthy solutions, technology and standards. To make this possible the Go Li.eu project will ensure effective governance and growth of the Living-in.EU community, to include all ecosystem players, ensuring cooperation among them and with other EU initiatives.
OASC is partner and work package (WP) leader in this project.


You will work as part of the projects team of OASC.  In this role, you will:

  • (DS4SSCC project) Lead on the project
  • (All projects) Implement OASC’s activities within the framework of the project:
  • General management of the project including budget monitoring
  • Work planning and monitoring for the full partner consortium
  • Liaising with the European Commission and project partners
  • Delivering project tasks due by OASC
  • Overseeing and preparing technical and financial reports
  • Delivering project activities such as the development of a blueprint, a catalogue of use cases and data sets, a roadmap, action plan and code of conduct, organizing and facilitating knowledge sharing meetings
  • Organising and facilitating project meetings, stakeholder meeting and events.
  • In addition, you will be ensuring synergies and coordination with the Living-in.EU initiative and its subgroups’ activities and with other EU initiatives and projects towards the implementation of set commitments. 
  • You will also be strengthening the impact of the project’s activities in terms of outcomes, benefits and dissemination towards OASC’s Tech Council and Cities Council and all other relevant forums and projects in cross-cutting areas.


You are an experienced professional who is full of initiative, self-driven, curious, creative, flexible and results-oriented.

Skills and experience:

  • A successful track record of five years’ related work
  • Experience in (EU-funded) project management
  • In-depth and up-to-date knowledge of digital policies at EU level in the scope of the project
  • Experience in coordinating and working with multiple stakeholders at EU and local level
  • Fluent in English, and able to write clear and concise reports in English
  • Good networking abilities and interpersonal skills within the context of an international environment
  • Excellent relationship management, negotiating, coordination, and communications skills


  • Experience in working with local and city governments or public sector partners
  • Ability to translate project work into policy recommendations
  • Experience in writing (EU) project proposals
  • Experience in policy work


We offer a contract in a position as a freelancer, based in any EU country and able to prove freelancer status.

How to apply

Applicants are requested to send a letter of motivation, explicitly describing their relevant experience point by point and linking it to the requirements for the position, in one page maximum, together with a CV and terms of reference by 24 July 2022 to: jobs@oascities.org.