The CITYxCITY Academy offers a free online course on Open Data for cities and communities
OASC launches CITYxCITY Academy

Lea Hemetsberger

Apr 22, 2021



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Open & Agile Smart Cities (OASC) is proud to announce the launch of our new service, CITYxCITY Academy. The service offers online courses that aim to equip people delivering services within cities and municipalities with both theoretical and practical knowledge on how digital transformation can benefit them.

“Through these courses, we want to help people working in local administrations acquire the necessary tools and knowledge, and encourage them to experiment with data and implement digital solutions within their cities and communities. This is why we have made the courses available for free to everyone,”

Evelien Verschroeven, Academy Manager, explains.

According to Lea Hemetsberger, Director, Projects and Network, OASC, CITYxCITY Academy courses leverage the depth of the knowledge and experience available within the OASC network.

“CITYxCITY Academy develops these courses in cooperation with our partner organisations and with input from our member cities. At OASC, we are privileged to be working with people at the forefront of the digital transformation of cities, towns and rural areas around the world. With the Academy, we are able to offer a space to share all this experience for everyone to tap into.”

There are currently three courses available on CITYxCITY Academy: Breaking the Silos on Local Innovation, developed with Connected Places Catapult; Introduction to the Standard for Public Code, developed with the Foundation for Public Code; and, Open Data for Cities and Communities, developed to support the 100 Intelligent Cities Challenge with Nils Walravens of imec and the Free University of Brussels.

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