OASC Shifts Communication Focus from X to Embrace More Open and Inclusive Dialogue

Saara Valtasaari

Jan 8, 2024



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OASC is announcing the discontinuation of the use of X (formerly Twitter), for a duration of at least three months, as a communication platform. This strategic shift aligns with OASC’s commitment to fostering open, inclusive, and informative communication through our channels, notably our LinkedIn page and newsletter.

The decision to move away from X is rooted in several key considerations that highlight our dedication to our core values and communication objectives:

  •  X’s character limitations have been identified as a disadvantage to delivering nuanced and comprehensive information. OASC recognizes the importance of providing in-depth content to our audience, and our format on our other communication platforms allows for more detailed and nuanced communication, better aligning with our overall communication objectives. 
  • OASC also notes that X often promotes controversy, with more sharply expressed content receiving higher engagement. This contradicts our desired direction, as it aims for a more constructive and solution-oriented discourse through our network. 
  • One of the most significant factors influencing the decision is X’s track record of not tolerating criticism. OASC believes in the importance of open dialogue and constructive criticism, which is contrary to X’s practice of for example delaying the opening of critical articles and blocking accounts that express dissent. This approach is inconsistent with our commitment to openness and inclusivity.

For further information and to stay connected, please visit our LinkedIn or contact us at contact@oascities.org