OASC’s collaborative project DUET won the Best Enabling Technologies Project Award during the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona

Saara Valtasaari

Nov 23, 2021


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The Digital Urban European Twins (DUET) project won the Best Enabling Technologies Project Award last week at the Smart City World Expo in Barcelona, and we at OASC couldn’t be more excited about the achievement! DUET is a EU funded project that OASC is also involved in and the project aims to help public sector decision-making become more democratic and effective by leveraging the advanced capabilities of cloud and high-performance computing to enable Digital Twins for cities and communities. OASC contributes to the project by being in charge of protecting the users in cooperation with Grimaldi Studio Legale.

“This is a fantastic achievement for the DUET team which recognises the big ambition of our partner cities, Athens, Pilsen and the region of Flanders, to transform and improve services. By focusing on specific use cases, from healthy mobility to spatial planning and citizen engagement, we are able to create multi-disciplinary risk-free digital experimentation environments, which make it easy for local administrations to effectively model and explore policies before rolling them out on the ground.” – Leven Raees, manager at Digitaal Vlaanderen and coordinator of the DUET project

The annual World Smart City Awards is a prestigious international competition that seeks to recognize pioneering projects, ideas and strategies making cities around the world more livable, sustainable, and economically viable. The awards ceremony took place at Smart City Expo World Congress on November 17, 2021, placing the awarded projects in the spotlight on a recognized international platform and in front of a large, diverse audience.

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