Open & Agile Smart Cities (OASC) adds Switzerland, more cities

Lea Hemetsberger

Jun 7, 2017


News & Events | Switzerland

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Ten new cities joined the OASC global initiative at the IoT Week in Geneva. Together with the Mayor of Carouge, OASC chair Martin Brynskov announced a 6th Wave of new members working together with over 100 other cities worldwide to establish a global smart city market based on city needs

Djordje Tomic for IoT Week Geneva 2017

June 7, Geneva, Switzerland:

On stage at the official conference reception for IoT Week, OASC announced the 6th Wave of new members. Carouge and Geneva are the first cities to join from Switzerland. Cuiába, Garanhuns, Parnamirim and Recife are four cities joining nine current member cities from Brazil. Logan and Ipswich are the new cities joining three existing member cities from Australia. Fredrikstad and Gjesdal are two cities joining three current member cities from Norway.

The OASC initiative now includes 114 cities from 23 countries working together as they share best practices and shape technological underpinnings of economic and social benefits that global smart cities can offer. Together with current members, these new cities bring a wealth of smart city knowledge and concrete activities to the network.

Mayor Nicolas Walder of Carouge spoke at the reception and stated: “The City of Carouge, member of the SynchroniCity IoT Large Scale Pilot for smart cities, is leading the Swiss innovation in the smart city area. We are thrilled to join this fantastic group of motivated cities and we really look forward to work together to share experiences from across the globe that will enhance our ability to serve our citizens locally, to increase the sustainability and to protect the climate of our planet.”

Sébastien Ziegler, Chair of the IoT Week and President of the IoT Forum said: “The extension of OASC towards new countries, such as Switzerland, and its inclusiveness strategy is paving the way towards more IoT interoperability within and among smart cities, at a global level.”

Looking ahead: OASC matures

Martin Brynskov, Chair of OASC, announced that OASC, which is based in Brussels, is incorporating as a nonprofit association. Brynskov indicated that the legal formation should be completed within weeks.

“This shift is a natural evolution of our original intent when OASC was formed as a more informal, bottom-up movement,” Brynskov noted. “Incorporating now makes sense as it matures our capacity to give cities a strong voice when establishing standards, while allowing us to be more globally responsive to market and policy opportunities as they arise.”

The Open & Agile Smart Cities initiative is an international network of national networks of cities.

If your city is interested in connecting with other cities and join the OASC network, send an email to or contact your OASC representative. The full list of contacts can be found on