Scottish Smart Cities Standard Survey

Lea Hemetsberger

Aug 22, 2017


News & Events | Scotland

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Are you thinking about Smart City Standards? Then the Scottish Cities Alliance is seeking your opinion on smart city standards. What do you think the biggest potential benefits are, which standards you see as most relevant, and what you see as the key barriers to greater adoption?

By completing the survey, you help the Alliance to better understand the potential benefits for towns and cities that are offered by smart city standards – and to inform our understanding of the potential benefits for Scotland that might flow from Scottish cities as a collective becoming recognized as early adopters of smart city standards . The survey does not require you to seek representative views from across your organisations, or to undertake any research – it simply seeks your opinion.

The survey only takes 10 minutes to complete and all responses will be confidential, with the results only analysed in summary form to the OASC community.

The survey is in four main parts:

  1. About you
  2. Benefits of smart city standards
  3. Barriers and risks to smart city standards adoption
  4. Awareness and use of specific standards

Start the survey here and help shape smart city standards.

The survey is open until 8 September 2017.