SynchroniCity matchmaking: Find your partner to get funding

Lea Hemetsberger

Aug 29, 2018


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The SynchroniCity project has now updated its Connect Platform. This matchmaking tool links your city to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and pilot groups that have interesting IoT-enabled services to offer.

There is one month left to finalise your application to receive funding from the SynchroniCity project. Until 30 September 2018, cities can become SynchroniCity pilot cities to implement and test digital solutions to tackle three urban challenges – mobility, environment, and agile government – and even to propose new ones.

If you – as a city representative – don’t know how to get in touch with relevant SMEs or pilot groups to apply for the open call, then wait no longer! Help is just around the corner: You can find your SME partner for the open call application now with only a few clicks

  1. Go to the SynchroniCity website
  2. Sign-up for the SynchroniCity Connect Platform

It’s as simple as that.

Once you’ve signed your city up, SMEs and Pilot Groups can easily reach out to you. And vice versa, you can check the connect platform to find suitable partners.

If you have questions about the open call, you can:

  1. Check the FAQ
  2. Ask your question in the online forum
  3. Participate in the Open Call Webinar on 12 September
  4. If you have a confidential question, send an email to


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