The City of Lamia, Greece, is the latest city to join the Open & Agile Smart Cities network

Saara Valtasaari

May 9, 2022


Greece | News | Partnership

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Lamia, is the fourth Greek city to join OASC, after Athens, Trikala and Katerini. The Municipality of Lamia constitutes a key-reference point in Central Greece, on an administrative, commercial and industrial level, characterized by its unique geographical diversity and rich cultural heritage. 

Lamia City provides public services for approximately 110.000 citizens in the fields of civil protection, crisis management, energy, environment, transportation, city planning, water and waste management, infrastructure, road maintenance, health, housing, social activities, culture, education among others. 

Lamia is one of the leading smaller smart cities in Europe. It has a long background in European R&I Smart City projects where it has been on par with the bigger front-runner capitals. Lamia has been participating in several European, National and Regional research and innovation projects.

The Municipality of Lamia is committed to the steady modernization and digitalization of its public services and the systematic integration of smart city solutions. To this end, the Municipality is in the process of implementing important smart city infrastructure upgrade and software projects, such as open data repositories including real time information about the city and its surroundings, Electric Vehicles charging stations, IoT sensor networks, big data management and visualization tools, fleet management solutions and conversational AI tools. 

It is a great opportunity for the Municipality of Lamia and Open and Agile Smart Cities to share experiences and explore common policy issues focusing principally on the environmental dimension of sustainable development and its linkages with economic and social policies. 

Additionally, OASC will assist the Municipality of Lamia in formulating practical and innovative ways to integrate environmental considerations into local decision making and urban planning processes.

How, in general, could OASC best help the Municipality of Lamia in terms of sustainability?

  • By guiding the Municipality in transformative decision making and supporting in applying best practices and utilizing efficient green solutions to support sustainable development.
  • By supporting the Municipality in investing in innovation, through systematic administrative change, piloting, innovation procurement or EU-funded R&D projects’ involvement.  
  • By getting access to fruitful information and actionable insights in regard to international policy making, trends, events, communities and networks.
  • By supporting the Municipality in developing breakthrough innovative solutions for answering societal challenges and help turn Lamia into a smart and functional city

Open & Agile Smart Cities brings together 168 cities across 33 countries on four continents. It enables even small and medium-sized cities and communities and those with limited resources to use data to deliver greatly improved services to their citizens. All member cities subscribe to the OASC Minimal Interoperability Mechanisms, a set of open APIs, standards, and shared data models to allow cities to remain agile and digital solutions to scale across borders.