The Second CommuniCity Open Call is open!

Saara Valtasaari

Sep 12, 2023



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Up to 38 applications to be awarded with grants

During the Second CommuniCity Open Call round, the maximum number of 38 applications will be awarded with a grant of 12.500 Euros. In addition to this grant, it is expected that additional financial contributions and other resources are allocated to the pilots by the piloting teams. These resources may consist of direct monetary support, or in-kind contributions.

In addition to addressing the city-specific challenges with sufficient resources, applications are expected to contribute to the following outcomes as outlined in the EU Horizon Call:

  • Increased societal uptake of new technologies and knowledge-based solutions, achieved through better understanding of societal needs and higher societal acceptance.
  • Increased place-based innovation and experimentation, through testing of up to 100 innovative new solutions in partnership with cities and local communities, research and industry, drawing on local characteristics and strengths.
  • Increased innovation capacity across Europe, through new models of co-creation and exchange of good practices and learning from experimentation, so that innovative solutions are shared and adapted to the needs of local communities.

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