The smart city solutions of the City of Vantaa

Chloë Vanden Elsacker

Mar 17, 2022


Finland | News

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We at OASC wanted to put some smart city solutions of the City of Vantaa in the spotlight. We would like to refer to the following interesting articles.

The Six City Strategy (6Aika) operations in Vantaa have concentrated on building growth centers and restructuring shopping districts in collaboration with businesses. In the City’s own operations, such as land use planning and permit processes, participation opportunities for businesses and non-profits have emerged. Read more about this:

The use of smart mobility services by the City of Vantaa improves transportation experiences. The Last Mile project intends to provide long-term mobility service solutions tailored to the demands of tourism businesses. The project’s market-driven services will supplement the current transportation system. Vantaa will follow a testing culture in which the city operates without bias and questions established practices. Read more about this here. Read more about this:

Six housing businesses in Helsinki and Vantaa, Finland, are testing an Internet of Things (IoT)-based solution to cut energy usage in older apartment blocks. The MyData program, which strives to help consumers acquire more control over their personal data, is also using the project to improve data ownership awareness. Read more about this here. Read more about this:

Vantaa is also working with Barcelona to join forces and redefine smart cities in a way that benefits inhabitants. Cities can play a proactive role in the digital transformation by impacting practically every area of our lives. Read the following article and watch the video: