A look back to OASC’s 7th Annual Event ‘Connected Smart and Sustainable Cities and Communities Conference’

Saara Valtasaari

Feb 15, 2023



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OASC, the Open and Agile Smart Cities network, held its 7th annual conference in Brussels on the 17th and 18th of January. “Connected Smart and Sustainable Cities & Communities” – formerly known as the CxC Festival – marked a new era in our work and events: cooperation and connection are key to build digitally sustainable communities.

Over 150 people from towns, cities, regions, governments, research and industry explored “Collective Action in a Fragmenting World”, the conference’s central theme. It was a unique opportunity for participants to gain insights on the latest developments in  human-centric societal progress driven by real-time connected technologies, markets and policy. With over 25 engaging sessions and lively debates, the conference provided a platform for thought-provoking discussions and exchanging ideas. 

We kicked off with our “Community Day” at Sparks: current and potential OASC members and partners were asked to imagine the future of OASC. A diverse crowd of professionals representing a spectrum of organizations exchanged insights and perspectives on what lies at the heart of OASC.

Despite the diverse needs for digitalization in municipalities, cities and other communities in the EU, there was agreement on the need for cooperation, breaking down physical and mental barriers within local and institutional structures, to facilitate knowledge transfer and avoid unnecessary duplication. In addition to digital infrastructure, a reform of organizational processes and structure within local communities is essential, as well as scaling up efforts. With a focus on putting people at the center.

After a productive day of interactive sessions and workgroups, the Community dinner saw a record turnout of almost 100 people, making it a night to remember. 

Day two of the event, Conference Day, was an action-packed day of learning and discovery held at the Egg. We dove deeper into the topic of cities and communities’ digital transformation, with a lineup of engaging presentations and expert speakers. The day was filled with interactive workshops, offering something for everyone with sessions on Tech, Governance, Impact and Decision Making. It was an exciting and diverse day, sure to leave everyone feeling inspired, informed and connected.

                         “Networking was a breeze and it was easy to feel at home.” 
                          – CSSCC attendee

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who joined us for the Connected Smart and Sustainable Cities and Communities Conference this year, whether you were in Brussels or tuned in from afar. We look forward to seeing you again, so join us for our Annual Summit between 12 and 15  June 2023 and stay tuned for more information.

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