Two New Working Groups Announced

Lea Hemetsberger

Jun 19, 2017


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Open & Agile Smart Cities has two new working groups that you can join. Below, you will find an introduction to both.

Mobility Working Group (MWG)

Our MWG held its first meeting on 18 May to create a work plan of upcoming activities. Five action steps were developed including creating a matrix document to collect information about the standards used in each of the mobility domains such as parking, congestion and other issues. The group also plans to create a list identifying other European initiatives that have identified challenges in this domain like ITS, POLIS, and ERTICO as well as highlighting some opportunities by identifying EU project activities that have a link to this work. The group decided to clarify the internal decision making and communication processes within MWG as well as linking more closely to the Standardization Working Group. Finally, MWG members want to be sure to include as many other key people and cities as possible to move these activities forward. Interested parties should reach out directly to Seppo Haataja (

Standards Working Group (SWG)

ETSI ISG CIM was established in early 2017 with the focus on providing specifications around Context Information Management (CIM).  Using smart cities as an initial catalyst for the work, it is planned to expand this scope into smart industry and smart agriculture as well.  There is focus on the development of API(s) and data publishing platforms (DPP) as well as collating of cross-domain use cases.  This builds on existing work completed in other standards bodies, e.g. OneM2M.  SWG provides input the ISG CIM with regards to smart city use cases and requirements. Interested parties should reach out directly to Catherine Mulligan (