Webinar: Upcoming Funding Opportunities for Smart Cities

Lea Hemetsberger

Jun 13, 2019


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OASC and the EU’s Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) are organising a joint webinar to give an overview of the opportunities for European cities & communities to implement so-called digital Building Blocks. The webinar, which takes place on 5 July 2019, will particularly focus on the Context Broker and Big Data Test Infrastructure Building Blocks.

OASC-CEF webinar 5 July 2019

In a dedicated webinar for the members of Open & Agile Smart Cities, participants will get an overview of the CEF Digital Building Blocks and how cities can use the building blocks to deliver improved public services, to manage data more efficiently, and to support policy-making through better data. A particular focus will be the upcoming funding opportunities to implement two of the CEF Building Blocks. The two building blocks are:

Context Broker

The CEF Context Broker is compatible with OASC Minimal Interoperability Mechanism 1 “Context Information Management”.

The CEF Context Broker enables organisations (including but not limited to public administrations) to manage and share data in real-time describing “what is currently happening” within their organisations, in the real world they manage or where they run their daily business processes. Thus, for example, Smart Cities can share information about what is happening in streets (e.g., traffic status, quality of air data, available parking slots, location).  Similarly, a packet delivery service company may share data about orders (e.g., current location and expected delivery time). This information describing what is currently happening is referred as “context information”.

The CEF Context Broker provides the FIWARE NGSI API, which is a RESTful API enabling applications to provide updates and get access to context information.

For more information visit the CEF website.

Big Data Test Infrastructure (BDTI)

CEF Big Data Test Infrastructure (BDTI) provides a set of data and analytics services from infrastructure to tools and advisory, allowing European organisations to experiment with Big Data technologies and move towards a data-driven policy making.

BDTI offers tools and technologies to support the different elements of data processing, from data collection to data ingestion and transformation for processing, analysis, exploration and visualisation. These can be reused on a pick-and-choose basis through ready-to-use environment templates.

For more information visit the CEF website

To learn more about these building blocks and the upcoming funding opportunities register here for the webinar.

Practical Information

Date : Friday, 5 July 2019
Time: 10:00 – 12:00 CEST
Venue: Online Meeting

Register here

Draft Agenda

10:00 – 10:15

10:15 – 10:25

10:25 – 10:30

10:30 – 10:45

10:45 – 11:00

11:00 – 11:10

11:10 – 11:25

11:25 – 11:40

11:40 – 12:00

Welcome and Introduction: Davor Meersman, CEO, OASC

Overview of the CEF programme and the Open Data Policy: Daniele Rizzi, CEF

Overview of the CEF Building Blocks: Caroline Corneau, CEF

Focus on the Context Broker Building Block: Elena Goncearuc, CEF

Focus on the BDTI Building Block: Lorenzo Carbone, CEF

Integration of Context Broker and BDTI: Rui Venâncio, CEF

Upcoming Funding Opportunities (INEA): Daniele Rizzi & Caroline Corneau, CEF

Example of Implementation – Water Management in Saint-Quentin: Vincent Demortier, Faubourg Numerique