Past Events

8 April, Brussels, Belgium

Workshop: IoT & Data Marketplaces

Hosted by OASC and co-organised by AIOTI, the European Commission and the IoT LSP Programme, this workshop discusses the current state of IoT & data marketplaces and promising paths to a robust scale up. Get your tickets and more information here.

8-11 April, Dubai, UAE

Future Cities Show

The annual Future Cities Show takes place in Dubai. More information is available on the event website.

1-6 April, Porto, Portugal

Start & Scale Week 2019

A week dedicated to innovation, entrepreneurship and job creation. With initiatives aimed at several segments, the agenda reinforces the role of Porto as a reference to the Scaleup movement on a national and international level.

25-29 March, Bucharest, Romania

CIP Forum 2019

The 4th CIP Forum will discuss relevant topics at the junction of cybersecurity and smart cities:

  • Smart Cities Protection and Implications for Protecting Critical Infrastructure
  • Critical Infrastructure of Future City
  • Digital Transformation of Cities and Implications for Critical Infrastructure Protection

14 March, Brussels, Belgium

EIF Workshop on Organisational Interoperability and Public Service Governance

Are you working on organisational interoperability and public service governance topics? Do you have best practices and examples for interoperable public services to share that your organisation has successfully put in place?

12-13 March, London, UK

Smart IoT London 2019

Join the Smart IoT London event to hear from SynchroniCity partners Andrea Gaglione, Digital Catapult, and Gemma Guilera, Future Cities Catapult.

7 March, Brussels, Belgium

Smart cities chair – Work and life in the smart city

With an introduction by OASC Board member Dr Pieter Ballon, this master class focuses on work and life in the smart city.

6 March, Brussels, Belgium

Moving towards Smart Cities: Tackling Urban Challenges Using Technology-Based Solutions

Davor Meersman, CEO of Open & Agile Smart Cities will join this event organised by Public Policy Exchange to discuss how the smart economy contributes to urban economic development. Register now for this full-day event.

1 March, Brisbane, Australia

Official Launch of Open Data Australia

On Open Data Day, hear from members of ODA’s Executive and Board on their vision and strategy for Australian Data. Register here.

10-12 February, Dubai, UAE

World Government Summit 2019

The World Government Summit is a global platform dedicated to shaping the future of governments worldwide. More information and livestreams of talks and debates are available here.

26 February, 10:00-11:30 CET, online

Webinar: Digital Building Blocks for Smart Cities

Register now for the webinar ‘Digital Building Blocks for Smart Cities’ to learn more about the digital building blocks of the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) programme.

The webinar takes place on 26 February 2019, 10:00 to 11:30 (CET). Register here.

17 January 2019, Brussels, Belgium

Connected Smart Cities Conference 2019

The annual gathering of the OASC community. Find live recordings, photos, and presentations here.

16 January 2019, Brussels, Belgium

OASC General Assembly & Council of Cities Forum

4 – 6 December 2018, Vienna, Austria

ICT 2018

ICT 2018, the key European ICT research and innovation event organised by the European Commission, is the perfect event to conclude the year with. Join the community in Vienna, Austria.

26 – 28 November 2018, Málaga, Spain

FIWARE Global Summit

The FIWARE community gathers this November in Málaga with OASC chair Martin Brynskov as keynote speaker.

20 – 22 November 2018, Berlin, Germany

Smart Country Convention

More information about OASC participation will be presented soon. Check the event website for more information and get your free ticket until 31 August.

13 – 15 November 2018, Barcelona, Spain

Smart City Expo World Congress

Mark you calendars for the smart city event of the year. OASC will reveal its activities at SCEWC soon. Stay tuned.

7-10 November 2018, Berlin, Germany

2nd International Urban Mobility Dialogue

Speakers include Anthony Townsend and Olaf-Gerd Gemein, Coordinator of OASC Germany and Vice Council Coordinator. Find all information about the event here.

22-24 October 2018, Malmö, Sweden

Nordic Smart Cities

More info about the Nordic Smart Cities conference is available here.

22-26 October 2018, Sophia Antipolis, France


More information about the programme will become available soon. Check the ETSI website regularly.

16 – 18 October 2018, Barcelona, Spain

IoT Solutions World Congress

Join OASC General Manager Davor Meersman for the annual IoT Solutions Congress in Barcelona. All information about sessions, speakers and registration are available on the event website.

10 – 11 October 2018, Tampere, Finland


Mindtrek is an international technology conference organised annually in the OASC member city Tampere, Finland. More information is available on the Mindtrek event website.

10 October 2018, Brussels, Belgium

Investing in the economical and digital transition of cities and communities

This workshop is co-organised by Smart-up BSR and OASC in the framework of the European Week of Regions and Cities. Registration will open in July. Find out what happened during the workshop here.

8 – 10 October, Bordeaux, France

Making Smart Cities Sustainable

This three-day event organised by oneM2M and Bordeaux Metropole will discuss how to make smart cities more sustainable. Make sure to be there on 9 October to learn more about the role of the IoT Large Scale Pilot SynchroniCity. Find the agenda on the oneM2M website.

25 – 27 September 2018, Stavanger, Norway

Nordic Edge Expo & Conference

Nordic Edge is the largest smart city event in the Nordics. Don’t miss it. More info on the Nordic Edge website.

17 – 21 September 2018, Copenhagen, Denmark

ITS World Congress

This year’s edition of the ITS World Congress took place in Copenhagen, Denmark. Find a re-cap of the 4th MaaS Summit we’ve participated in at the organisers’ website.

4 September 2018, Brussels, Belgium

IoT open data access to advance mobility in European cities: how can we achieve it?

Register now for this one-day workshop and don’t miss the opportunity to discuss the mobility of the future.

28 August 2018, Helsinki, Finland

MyData2018: Smart City Day

OASC, Forum Virium Helsinki and the City of Helsinki with support of EIT Digital are co-organising the Smart City Day as an extended event at this year’s MyData conference in Helsinki, Finland.

22 – 24 August 2018, Geneva, Switzerland

Open Living Lab Days

OLLD18 is the place, where the Living Lab community meets.

10 July 2018, Brisbane, Australia

Living Labs for Smart Cities

The Queensland University of Technology hosts a dedicated session on living labs for smart cities with Copenhagen’s living lab expert Rasmus Bertelsen.

27 – 28 June 2018, Algiers, Algeria

Smart Cities Global Technology & Investment Summit

Join OASC General Manager Davor Meersman at the Smart City Summit in Algiers, Algeria. Davor will be speaking in the panel discussion on Applying Smarter Network Infrastructure Across Your City on 28 June. Find more information here.

6 – 7 June 2018

Workshop: Internet of Things for Smart Cities Convergence (IoT4SCC)

The IoT4SCC workshop takes place during IoT week in Bilbao, Spain (4 – 7 June 2018). Find all information about speakers and sessions here.

4 – 7 June 2018

IoT Week

Mark your calendars for the next edition of IoT Week. This year, the conference will take place in Bilbao, Spain.

22 – 25 May 2018

Co-Creation workshop for Smart Cities

U4IoT, in collaboration with OASC member city Carouge, Mandat International, the University of Geneva, and SynchroniCity, is organising a four-day course and workshop on co-creation for smart cities. The workshop takes place on 22- 25 May in Geneva, Switzerland Find out more about the workshop and how to register for free.

16 – 17 May 2018

Internet Day

Join General Manager Davor Meersman at the Internet Day in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The event brings together stakeholders from the public and private sector with NGOs like Open & Agile Smart Cities. The agenda will be announced in the coming weeks.

14 – 16 May 2018

TMForum Digital Transformation World

More information about OASCs participation in TMForum’s Digital Transformation World will be announced shortly.

8 – 9 May 2018

FIWARE Global Summit 2018

Building a smart future with data.

2 – 6 May 2018

Internet Week Denmark

More information about OASC activities at Internet Week Denmark will be announced soon. In the meantime, save the date for this festival with 100+ events in and around Aarhus.

25-26 April 2018

Smart to Future Cities

Join Seppo Haataja, head of the OASC mobility working group, in London to discuss practical, scaleable applications of smart city initiatives to improve citizen quality of life and local government efficiency.

Also in the speaker line-up: Representatives of OASC member cities Bristol, Cambridgeshire, Milton Keynes, Amsterdam, Oulo, Murcia, Edinburgh, as well as Rushi Rama of OASC founding member Future Cities Catapult. Get all the info here.

19 April 2018

SynchroniCity – a € 3 million opportunity to join a global IoT marketplace

SynchroniCity partner Future Cities Catapult dedicates its monthly “third thursday” to explain the scope and goals of the SynchroniCity project and its upcoming open call. Register here.

19 April 2018

Releasing the flow – Data protection and privacy in a data-driven economy

Data is said to be the most valuable asset in the digital economy. Get a grasp of the policy and legislative landscape around data flow in EU and beyond. Discuss the interplay of data with regulation, legislation, technologies and standards. Hear viewpoints and debate with experts coming from different points of the ecosystem.

This workshop is organised by ETSI. Find more information about this event here and register now.

17 April 2018

EUROCITIES: Democracy in a Digital Age

The EUROCITIES KSF Conference “Democracy in a Digital Age” will bring together European city politicians and urban experts. Topics include how to strengthen transparency and democracy in cities and to establish strong and long-lasting partnerships that can help local projects to scale up. Register until 30 March 2018.

29 March 2018

Beyond Data

Don’t miss this year’s edition of Beyond Data organised by OASC member city Eindhoven. The Beyond Data event is part of the Knowledge Society Forum (KSF) Meeting of EUROCITIES. Find all information about Beyond Data here.

15-18 March 2018

Milano Digital Week

The City of Milano is organising the first ever Milano Digital Week with workshops, presentations and more spread all over the city.

14-15 March 2018


OASC Chair Martin Brynskov will speak at Årskonferensen 2018, in Umeå, Sweden, to explore “The good city 2050 – citizens, democracy and quality of life”.

8 March 2015

The Future of Smart Cities

Organised by the Business Club Belgium-Luxembourg, the Future of Smart Cities event aims at discussing the potential of co-operation between Belgium and Luxemburg to shape the future of smart cities.

28 Feb – 2 March 2018

Urban Future

This event, which is co-organised by the Austrian OASC cities Vienna and Graz as well as EUROCITES and Future Cities Catapult, invites mayors, architects, mobility experts, city planners, scientists, sustainability managers, representatives from Start-Ups, environmentalists, innovation experts and many more to share their ideas for sustainable, liveable cities. Read more about the event here.

20-23 February 2018

Third meeting of the ITU-T Focus Group on Data Processing and Management

The meeting will be hosted by OASC. The Focus Group on Data Processing and Management to support IoT and Smart Cities & Communities was established by ITU-T Study Group 20 at its meeting in Dubai, 13-23 March 2017.

19 February 2018

First ITU Workshop on Data Processing and Management for IoT and Smart Cities & Communities

The one-day workshop on 19 February 2018, in Brussels, Belgium, will provide an overview of the state-of-the-art as well as convergence within data processing and management to support IoT and Smart Cities & Communities, bringing global contributors together. Find the programme and more information here.

11 January 2018

Connected Smart Cities Conference 2018

OASC’s annual Connected Smart Cities Conference (CSCC) takes place on 11 January 2018 in Brussels, Belgium. The conference brings together representatives of cities, international institutions, academia and industry to discuss this year’s theme: “Cities Driving the Digital Transition”.

Find the programme here and read the overview of the event.

10 January 2018

Mayors’ Working Dinner

Exclusive networking opportunity on the evening before OASC’s annual CSCC in Brussels, Belgium. Upon invitation only.

14-16 November 2017

Smart City Expo World Congress 2017

The event is taking places in Barcelona, and this years theme is “Empower Cities, Empower People.”
More than ever, what happens in cities is shaping our world. The future of the world’s urban population will mostly be built in our lifetimes. The challenges we face are immense and only by working together will we be able to tackle them.
For more information click here.

1-4 November 2017

International Urban Mobility Dialogue

The first International Urban Mobility Dialogue is taking place in Berlin, including a 90 minute session called City Meeting of OASC (Open & Agile Smart Cities), facilitated by Seppo Haataja, OASC Mobility Working Group Lead. Find the full program here and register here.

24-25 October 2017

Nordic Smart Cities

The event is taking place in Stockholm, Sweden. For more information, please click here.

9-12 October 2017

European Week of Regions and Cities

The event is taking place in Brussels, under the main headline of ‘Regions and Cities working for a better future’, the event will focus on three sub-themes:

Building resilient regions and cities, Regions and cities as change agents & Sharing knowledge to deliver results

Discussions during the European Week of Regions and Cities will examine the nature of these challenges and how they are playing out in different geographical contexts, for more information and updates click here.

28-30 September

Smart Cities Expo (SCE)

The event is taking place in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Program TBA.

26-28 September 2017

Nordic Edge

The event is taking place in Stavanger, Norway. OASC is partipating and co-organising a panelsession, called “Big and Open Data” with OASC general manager Davor Meersman as moderator, and experts from 3 different Nordic Cities.  For more information, please click here.

28-29 August

Global City Team Challenge (GCTC)

The event is taking place in Washington DC, USA. For more information, please click here.

17- 19 July 2017

ITU-T Geneva

For more information, please click here.

28-29 June 2017

Net Futures 2017 EU

The event is taking place in Brussels, and this year’s theme is “Internet, the economy and society in 2027”.
The NET FUTURES edition in 2017 will serve as a wake-up call for policy makers and technologist alike, for civil society and the young whose future we will influence. It will be the place for deep-dive conversations and learnings right at a time when Europe is at the brink of entering the next industrial revolution: The Net.
For more information and updates click here.

26-28 June 2017

I Seminário do Observatório de Cultura de Pernembuco – Panorama da Economia Criativa

The event is taking place in Recife, Brasil. For more information, please click here.

25-28 June 2017

Smart Cities Connect Conference & Expo (SCC)

The event is taking place in Austin, USA. For more information, please click here.

21-22 June 2017

Connected Smart Cities, Ciadades do future no Brasil

The event is taking place in São Paulo, Brasil. For more information, please click here.

6-9 June 2017

IoT week 2017

Save the dates 6-9 June 2017 and join OASC in Geneva for IoT Week 2017 at the international conference centre (CICG) and the ITU. This event brings together experts, innovators and stakeholders involved in the Internet of Things. It is the place where emerging IoT technologies, strategies and policies are discussed and partnerships developed. IoT Week is co-organized by the IoT Forum, the International Telecommunication Union, the HES-SO and the Mandat International.

IoT Week 2017 also provides the opportunity to organize workshops and collocate meetings. Organizations and projects interested in organizing sessions, collocating workshops or playing an active role in the preparation of the International Declaration on IoT for Sustainable Development can submit their suggestions online. You will find more information on both the IoT Forum ( and conference ( websites.

If you have interest in submitting scientific articles, please visit the Global IoT Summit website ( The GIoTS conference will be collocated with IoT Week 2017 and GIoTS participants will have access to all the IoT Week sessions.

1-2 June 2017

Smart Regions 2.0 Conference

The event is taking Helsinki, Finland.
The conference is provide the opportunity to national and regional authorities to share experience of how smart specialisation has been implemented in their countries and regions.
For more information, click here.

31 May -2 June 2017

The art of Creative Networking.

The event is taking place in Linz, Austria.
The conference is known as Europe’s foremost research networking conference.
For more information, click here and for the official invitation, click here.

29 – 31 May 2017

2nd FIWARE Summit

The event is taking place in Utrecht. On May 31st from 14:00 to 17:30, TM Forum and the FIWARE Foundation will run a joint workshop targeted to cities that own the necessary resources and wish to join the list of worldwide front-runner cities moving the “City as a Platform” concept from vision to execution:

  • Materializing OASC principles
  • Transforming Smart Cities into enablers of an Economy of Data

This workshop is the second of a series of workshops which will take place under the umbrella of the Joint Collaboration Program signed between TM Forum and the FIWARE Foundation.  Cities joining will benefit from a high marketing exposure at global level!
The previous day, a parallel track on Smart Cities will take place from 11:30 to 18:00 as part of the Main Open Conference of the Summit.  This will be an excellent opportunity to learn about the value proposition that FIWARE brings to Cities, the testimonies of cities materializing a smart city vision using the technology and potential initiatives that cities can join for collaboration.   OASC will participate there.
For more information, click here.

30-31 March 2017

Unleashing Innovations in Smart City & IoT Summit 2017

The goal of this conference is to bring together cross-industry leaders to discuss and share the latest innovations in utilising IoT technology and data to elevate the culture and future of smart cities. We aim to focus on strategies behind making a true smart city using technologies based on need instead of want. Bringing together the Internet of Cities ecosystem, this summit is an opportunity to maximise knowledge, network, and walk away with new insights. For more information, click here.

The Chair of OASC, Dr. Martin Brynskov, will be speaking at this event.

 7 March 2017

FIWARE – Open day 2017

For more information, click here.

12 January 2017

4th Connected Smart Cities Conference 2017
Making IoT Work for Cities and Citizens

OASC hosts the 4th Connected Smart Cities Conference on Thursday, January 12, 2017 in Brussels, Belgium, in collaboration with the European Committee of the Regions and other close partners. City leaders, community initiatives, representatives of the European institutions, tech experts and business developers will join the conference.